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Tropics Mobile Home Park

Resident's Club Board  -  2016-2017

President: Richard Stoll           Vice President: OPEN               

  Secretary: Frances Eikenberg                             

   Treasurer: Rick Casados               



                                                        Directors at Large

         Carolyn Hoppes                  

Qwen Carter     

Ruth Churchill   

Anita Roque 



   ==Breeze Editor==

Tina Maria  





























There are 544 mobile homes in the Tropics & every one should have representative at this meeting. This IS the most important meeting that this mobile home park has to offer. The things discussed here have a direct bearing on you, your family and your mobile home.

  • Want to hear about any plans and changes in the park?

  • Like to have some good fellowship with your neighbors?

  • Things not meeting your expectations?

We meet at 7:00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of every month at the clubhouse

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