Residents Club Committees


Residents Club


1 - BINGO :Richard Stoll and Melody Peterson
The Bingo Chairperson shall be charged with the scheduling of all games and. purchasing supplies and equipment from the funds of the committee The Bingo Chairperson shall also be charged with giving a monthly report to the General membership

2 - BREAKFAST: Richard Stoll

The Breakfast Chairperson shall be charged with the duties of assisting in the purchase and distribution of supplies, recruiting, and maintaining volunteer kitchen help for the monthly breakfast.

 - HOUSE (FACILITIES): Traci Kinel

The House Chairperson shall be charged with preparing the clubhouse facilities for all meetings and social functions for the Club as requested, maintaining an inventory of all materials belonging to the Corporation and ascertaining that clubhouse facilities are left in a satisfactory condition after each use.

4 - LIBRARY: Beatrice
The Library Chairperson shall be charged with keeping the Library room current and post notices for need of certain types of books and or games.

5 - POTLUCK:Steve Evans

The Potluck Chairperson shall be charged with the duties of preparing and scheduling of the monthly Potluck dinner and shall submit requests for any supplies to the Board of Directors.

The Senior Citizens City Hall Liaison Chairperson shall be charged with the responsibility for being the liaison between The Tropics Residents Club, the Ruggieri Senior Center and Union City Government regarding changes in laws and ongoing activities for the betterment of all members.

7-SUNSHINE: Helen Cummins 
The Sunshine Chairperson shall be charged with the mailing of Get Well and Sympathy cards as needed, as well as requesting assistance from other residents to visit and support those in need.

8-WELCOMING: Carolyn Hoppes and Nikki Bracken-Poe

Being charged with the obtaining of new residents’ names and addresses from Park Management. He/she shall greet new residents in the Park and invite them to participate in Tropics Events.




The Traffic/Safety Chairperson shall be charged with the responsibility of keeping the General Membership informed as to current issues and hazardous conditions that may affect the safety and well being of all residents, particulary in regards to motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic


The Disaster Preparedness Chairperson is charge with developing a team of volunteer residents who will help residents in the Park prepare themselves in the even of an earthquake or other major disaster that affects the entire Park.  In an emergency the team will assist in corrdinated recovery effoerts with park management and government agencies.

11-Resident' ClubTropics Travelers; Richard Stoll

The Tropics Travelerscharperson shall be charged with arranging bus trips or the enjoyment and erichment of all esidents Tropics Travelers maintains a seperate checking account and shall provide a monthly written report to the Board and the general membership


The Snack Bar is run by the Resident's Club to provide a reasonably-priced meal for residents and to encourage social activites. Accounting is maintained by the Treasurer. Receipts for Snack Bar expenses and cash boxes must be submitted to the Treasurer

at the conclusion of each Snack Bar event.


13- Audit Committee--Darlene Cornell Rick Henry, Robert Hisle

The Audit Committee will be comprised of a minimum of three (3) members of the general public appointed by the Board. The audits can only be performed with all members of the committee present. The sudits will be performed quarterly, (aug-Sept-Oct.), (Nov-Dec-Jan.), Feb-March-April), and (May-June-July).The audit committee will give a verbal and written report to the Board and at General Meetings in December, March, June and September

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