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Tropics Mobile Home Park



Tropics Ownership

The Tropics Mobile Home Park is owned by Millennium Housing, a non profit corporation created to provide affordable housing through acquisition and rehabilitation of mobile home and apartment communities.  Millennium's goals are to encourage and empower its residents to take an active role in budget and management decisions; provide enhanced maintenance and services; and to ensure that its communities remain valuable sources of affordable housing.


Millennium Housing

20 Pacific, Suite 1470
Irvine, CA 92618
Phone (949) 515-5100 Fax (949) 515-5101


Tropics Management

The Tropics Mobile Home Park is professionally managed by Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc. a full service real estate company specializing in mobile home communities. Bessire & Casenhiser, Inc also provides consulting, marketing and brokerage services. 


Bessire and Casenhiser

661 Brea Canyon Road, Suitev7

Walnut, CA 91789-3044

Phone (909) 594-0501 Fax (909) 594-5272   



Onsite Management

Onsite Managers are:  Nancy Payne (Office) & Jim Woock (Maintenance)      

Office Phone (510) 471-8550

Office Hours are 9:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm     Monday - Friday


If you have a maintenance request or concerns, you can obtain a form at the office. Resident Suggestion/Complaint forms and Income Certification forms are also available at the millennium website.



Park Patrol  

Park Patrol is handled by Geibig Protection Service.  They patrol the park during the evening hours.  It is their responsibility to ensure that all cars parked in guest parking have red tags.  If the cars do not have the tags, they will Ticket the car. Mark Rego is the resident security and parking patrol for the park. He is employeed by Geibig Protection Services. He is on duty from 10 PM til 6 AM 7 days aweek. His telephone is 510-706-3031.


Park Rules

Park Rules are distributed when you sign your lease agreement.  Park Rules

California Civil Code

The California Civil Code Division 2 Part 2 Chapter 2.5, the Mobile home Residency Law is distributed annually. A PDF version is also available at

Union City Municipal Code

The Union City Municipal Code Title 16 contains rules on Mobile home Parks. It is the intent of this title to provide regulations and standards for the establishment, operation and maintenance of trailer coaches, mobile homes, mobile home parks in the City.  The Municipal code is available at